Office For Mac Arriving With New Version Later In Year

The Microsoft Office suite of applications for the Mac hasn’t exactly been the most updated product on the market. With Office 2011 being the last official update, many wondered about its future. On Wednesday, news about the next version of Office for the Mac was hinted.

At the Cebit trade conference in Hanover this week, development teams were discussed who are putting together the new version of Office for the Mac. The Mac version along with other mobile editions of the new office were discussed, and gives speculation to a new Office product for the Mac.

Microsoft Official At The CeBit Show Discussing Office For Mac Update

Office Somewhat Updated

While the latest official release of Office for the Mac is the Office:mac 2011, it is far behind and lags behind the Windows counterpart. The Office 365 version has been updated on the web to work for the Mac, but it requires a subscription, and isn’t a full fledged desktop or laptop version for many who want that product.

Microsoft stated this week that the next version of Office for the Mac is ongoing, and that teams are at work building the next version of Office for the Mac. While this isn’t a flat denial that the Office product will be relaunching, it gives hope to those who are looking to Microsoft to deliver a next generation Office product for the Mac.

Microsoft Loses Current Users To Google Docs And Other Products

Mac Users Using Google & Apple

What Mac users currently use for their systems is an outdated Office product, or Google Docs in most cases. Additionally, Apple has its companion Pages and Numbers apps for their systems, but Microsoft is still a huge enterprise product, and is used in universities and schools around the globe. Updating the product would help all who use it.

Microsoft is making Mac users subscribe to its Office 365 product to get an updated Office type client, and it is working so far. No official numbers are known about the sales for the Office 365 for the Mac, but Office 365 has been successful so far overall. Hopefully we will see the Mac get a new version of Office sometime this year.

I use Google Docs for typing and spreadsheets. If Microsoft ever updates the product, I’ll consider updating as well.

Published: Thursday, March 13th, 2014 Last Modified: March 13, 2014

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