Office for iPad Now Includes Printing

As Office for the iPad has become a best selling hit for the iPad, the ability to print offline docs has been a feature that has been long desired by many. On Tuesday, Microsoft issued an update 33 days later, and now includes printing, smartguides, and other improvements.

The ability to print from Office for iPad was the number one requested update for Microsoft and they delivered for iPad users. The ability to print makes sense for personal and enterprise customers, and now with the Office 365 subscription, they can print starting today.

Microsoft Updates Office For iPad With Printing Abilities

Printing Now Is Alive

The top request for Office for the iPad has been the ability to print from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Now, with the update, users can print to an AirPrint printer, and users can print from a document with or without markup, an excel worksheet or spreadsheet, and a PowerPoint presentation as well.

The ability to print from Office for iPad is a reality for many, and a feature that was lacking as it rolled out to users. Many thought that this feature should have been there from the beginning, but with over 12 million initial downloads, Microsoft wanted to make sure they got it right out the gate.

Microsoft Updates Office For iPad With Printing Abilities

SmartGuides and Improvements

Other improvements to the Office for iPad product includes SmartGuides. These Smartguides allow users to align pictures, shapes, and text boxes within a slide in PowerPoint. Many PowerPoint users have had this feature available in the desktop version, and were missing this ability in PowerPoint, and now have it in a mobile version.

Lastly, AutoFit in Excel is enabled which gives users the ability to adjust widths of rows, heights of columns, and make their spreadsheets look better than ever. Additionally, Microsoft also included a bunch of bug fixes and stability improvements as well. Microsoft is constantly looking for feedback, and is looking to its users to make the product even better. The product does require a Office 365 subscription, but a 30 day free trial is available to try and use before subscribing.

This is a big improvement for Office for the iPad. Many wanted printing, and now they got it.

Published: Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 Last Modified: April 30, 2014

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