Office For iPad Gets Major Set Of Exciting Updates

The Office for iPad product from Microsoft has gotten a ton of success from users, and a larger number of people subscribing to Office 365 from it. On Thursday, Microsoft released announced a major update to the Office for iPad product, while should make Office users rejoice.

The version 1.1 of Office for iPad gives a lot of new features and bug fixes for users to go through. There are updates made for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word for the iPad, and are available now via the Apple App Store. The updates are major enough to warrant a download for many.

Microsoft Updates Office For iPad With Numerous Updates

Excel For iPad Updates

The Office for iPad got the largest number of updates from Microsoft on Thursday. Users can now send Excel files as PDFs, which was a major request from users. Also, users can now flick a cell’s selection handle in any direction to quickly and easily select all the data for that row or column, a major update for sure.

Additionally, users can use the same keys to input data and move around a worksheet. Users can interact with PivotTables and PivotTables easily in the same workbook. More paper options for printing were made availability. For users requesting picture tools, Microsoft gave them the ability to crop to focus, and for font fans a new third-party fonts section.

Microsoft Shows Off Word For iPad Updates In Version 1.1

< PowerPoint and Word Updates

For the PowerPoint for iPad product, the presenter view was updated to allow viewing and editing of speaker notes. Users can play videos and sound effects while presenting as well. Inserting videos from the camera roll is now possible, users can crop to focus, erase highlights from a presentation, and send PowerPoint files as PDF’s. Lastly, links to presentations and third-party fonts are also available.

For Word for iPad, Microsoft also allows users to send Word files as PDF’s, which should make those mobile professional quite happy. Also, users can crop to focus on just the right part of a photo, or reset to undo changes. Lastly, third-party fonts are available in the fonts menu, which will make typing a joy.

All of these updates are live now for this product. It’s a big update, and makes Office for iPad a great product again.

Published: Friday, August 1st, 2014 Last Modified: August 1, 2014

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