Office For iPad Coming Soon

During a speech on Monday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made one of the first announcements and hinted about the future for the Office product on the iPad. The words were chosen very correctly, but gives hope to those seeking an Office app for the iPad in the near future.

In his speech on Monday, Steve Ballmer Stated that Microsoft is planning to bring Office to the iPad with a touch user interface. In a quote, he stated that the iPad will be picked up when there’s a touch first user interface”. Windows might get it first, but the iPad is probably next.

Steve Ballmer Discusses Office For iPad

Office For iPad In Progress

The words by Microsoft and Steve Ballmer match all along with that Microsoft has stated so far. With him stating that it is “in process”, it give hope that we will see it in the near future. The iPhone version of Microsoft Office 365 came out with a ton of fanfare, but left iPad users in the dust as it wasn’t enabled for the iPad users, just the iPhone user base.

This latest rumor and news surrounding the iPad version of Office comes out when rumors about the Office for iPad app was hinted at an analyst meeting by Microsoft’s Qi Lu. The touch-first approach in developing touch apps, including ones for Office, is Microsoft’s main strategy and should be released as they are developed by Microsoft.

Why Microsoft Needs An iPad Office App

Why Office For iPad Is Needed

One of the most popular productivity tools for the iPad continues to be an Office product, and by releasing an official one, Microsoft can own the market. Others are in the space, but none of them are the official product. Microsoft can get the lions share of users to buy it without any effort.

The competition for Office related iPad apps is fierce, as Google, Apple, and others make similar products. Microsoft is simply leaving money on the table by not developing this app and the quicker it gets released the better,

The long awaited iPad app continues to be a dream for iPad users, but at least today we got words from Steve Ballmer surrounding it. It may still be a year away, but at least it is something to dream about.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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