Office For iPad Apps Top 27 Million Downloads

Office for the iPad is one of those set of apps that was so widely desired, that by the tim it was released, many didn’t know what to expect. On Monday, Microsoft released figures that people have downloaded the Office for iPad apps over 27 million times in 46 days.

With approximately 1.5 million downloads per day, the Office for iPad set of apps is clearly a runaway success. In early April, Microsoft announced they had 12 million downloads, and nearly a month later has doubled, making Office for iPad a huge seller.

Microsoft Announces 27 Million Downloads Of Office For iPad

587,000 Downloads Per Day

What is simply astounding about the success for Office for iPad is that the apps add up to around 587,000 downloads per day. There is simply a strong desire for the Office for iPad set of apps, and between students, professionals, and others, it is a set of apps that simply works and does it well.

Word for iPad remains a top 15 app in the US iTunes store, and a top 100 globally for Microsoft. The main competition for Microsoft is Google Docs, but the popularity for the free tool for Google just isn’t keeping up with the desire for Office. It shows that Office is still a killer among productivity apps.

Microsoft's Julia White Tells TechEd Conference About Office For iPad Success

Office 365 Subscriptions Plus OneDrive Sales Boost

With the huge success of Office for iPad, this means that those users will hopefully be converting to Office 365, and the subscriptions along with it. These 30-day trial subsciptions are initially set for people to try it out, but they will more than likely turn into paying Office 365 users as well.

Additionally, the Office for iPad product is helping to promote OneDrive. OneDrive has gotten its fresh rebranding and giving users the ability to store their documents in the cloud, and access them anytime with a connection. This wireless hard drive so to speak, is what OneDrive is about, and companies like DropBox, Box, and Google can only look at OneDrive’s success as something to be admired, as they cannot compete in the Office space with Microsoft.

Office for iPad is on fire. 27 million downloads means 50 million is around the corner, we hope.

Published: Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 Last Modified: May 13, 2014

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