Office For Android Plus Outlook For Mobile Launch

January has been a very busy month for Microsoft, and the company is bringing out new products by the day. Mobile users in particular are gaining the riches as they get new toys daily. On Thursday, Office for Android became official and Outlook for Mobile became a new must have product.

Mobile users are the main focus from Microsoft it appears, and it doesn’t seem to matter what platform they are using. Office for Android has been a preview/beta product for a while, but with the launch of the Official product, Android users get the fully functioning Office product.

Microsoft Releases Office For Android Officially

Office For Android Released Officially

Since its initial release, Office for Android has been in the preview mode, and users could try it on a number of devices. On Thursday, Microsoft made the product official, and for free. The free downloads are available from the Google Play store, and join OneNote under the Microsoft banner.

Users can download Word for Android, Excel for Android Tablet, and PowerPoint for Android tablet. These products are available for free, and premium features are available with an Office 365 subscription. Users can use it with their business accounts, and can access documents on the go.

Microsoft Launches Outlook For iOS and Android Mobile Users

Outlook For Android and iOS Launches

Along with the Office for Android launch, Microsoft launched the Outlook for iOS and Outlook for Android products. Outlook has been a highly requested product from users, and its taken a while to bring it to mobile devices. The new app features swipes, actions, and a new view of Outlook for mobile.

The new Outlook apps work well on their own, and work well with Office 365 at the same time. It also works well with Exchange,, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and other email providers. It will be constantly updated and be a product that Microsoft will be building upon for its mobile users.

Mobile users totally won on Thursday from Microsoft. Office for Android is perfect, and Outlook for mobile is an interesting product.

Published: Saturday, January 31st, 2015 Last Modified: January 31, 2015

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