Office For Android Gets Dropbox Updated

Microsoft has released its Office 365 for Mobile product across a number of platforms, and it has gotten very popular with all kinds of mobile users. It’s announcement with Dropbox a few weeks ago indicated that the Office products would get Dropbox integration soon. On Thursday, Microsoft updated the Android client to get it first.

The updated Office Mobile product is available on the Google Play Store, and features the inclusion of Dropbox inside it. This is the first Office product to include Dropbox in it, and for it to be released on Android first is a shocker. Either way, the updated app is available to try now, and has a number of exciting features included.

Microsoft Updates Office Mobile For Android Phones With Dropbox

Dropbox Support

With the latest update, Office Online includes the Dropbox integration for the Office Mobile for Android Phone product. It brings a number of new features, and should please most Office users. Users can now add Dropbox as an online storage location, browse your files on Dropbox via the app, edit Dropbox files and save them back and more.

The other major thing that has been included with the Dropbox integration, is the ability to share files right from Office Mobile for Android Phones. This means that a user can find a file on their Dropbox via Office Mobile, click share, and immediately share that document, spreadsheet, or powerpoint from their phone.

Microsoft Updates Office Mobile ith OneDrive Update

Sharing Links To OneDrive

Along with the Dropbox integration update, Microsoft also updated the OneDrive feature of the app. Users can now generate and share links to documents in their OneDrive or OneDrive for Business within the app. Just open it up, tap share, and then email as a link. This will make it easy to share a document while on the go.

The inclusion of OneDrive support is important for Microsoft, as it wants users to continue to use OneDrive, and not shift completely over to Dropbox. Both online cloud storage places have their places in the cloud, but Microsoft wants OneDrive as its home. As they fight for users, now users have a choice with Office Online.

I’ve been waiting for this update. I downloaded it and it works perfectly with my Dropbox accounts.

Published: Friday, November 21st, 2014 Last Modified: November 21, 2014

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