Office Delve Moves Into Windows 10 Mobile World

The idea of the Office Delve project, has been mainly inspired on the desktop, and Microsoft has talked about a future Windows 10 Mobile app for sometime. They have officially launched a Windows 10 Mobile app, and its great.

Office Delve is all about staying in the know, discovering relevant information, and learning on the intelligence with the people whom you work with and the content you are working on. Making a mobile app makes total sense for this type of project.

Office Delve Comes To Windows 10 Mobile

Delve App Features

While the Office Delve app certainly cannot bring all the features of its desktop app to the Windows 10 Mobile world, it has done a decent job. You can get updates on what your colleagues are working on, and that helps on a mobile device.

Secondly, you can find relevant documents and attachments based on people you know. This brings the context and ideas of Office Delve to a mobile world. Lastly, you can get back to the important documents that you’ve been actively working on.

Once A Desktop App Now Office Delve Goes Mobile

First SharePoint and Now Delve

The launch of the Office Delve app follows up the launch of the mobile SharePoint app, and that gives mobile professionals a great set of tools with their Windows 10 Mobile device. These apps are needed and are now available.

You will need a work or school account to get started with the Office Delve app for Windows 10 Mobile devices, and that makes sense since its business and educational focused. It’s been available on other devices, and now its for Microsoft devices.

If you’ve been waiting on Office Delve for Windows 10 Mobile, download it today. It’s free, and quite an app.

Published: Monday, September 26th, 2016 Last Modified: September 26, 2016

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