Office Delve Gets Improvements and Mobile Launches

The Office Delve product is one that Microsoft is pushing on the business front, and is trying to replace Flipboard with on the business front. On Tuesday, Microsoft updated the Office Delve product, and improved it with two new sets of improvements, and also got mobile features for Android and iPhone.

The Office Delve product is still a relatively new product for enterprise and business users, but it is an interesting one. It takes the best of Microsoft’s enterprise products, and gives it to users in a new and multimedia format. With the improvements made on Tuesday, it could get more traction in the business.

Microsoft Updates Office Delve User Profiles In Updates

User Profiles Improved and Office 365 Authoring Canvas

The first major improvement to Office Delve is the enhancement to the user profile. It now gives users a new profile page that includes a ton of information about the user, what they could be working on, and includes ways to find users easier. It is also adaptive to the mobile display from 4-inches and above.

Second, there is a new blogging platform built for Office Delve with Office 365. It is meant for internal usage, and allows for users to post from Yammer and Office 365 Video. Photos have been introduced to be implemented into blogs, and the new authoring canvas will make it easier for users to share posts on blogs internally.

Microsoft's Office Delve Finally Gets Mobile Apps For Viewing On The Road

Office Delve Goes Mobile

Third, the biggest improvement to Office Delve was made to the products update to a mobile platform for users. Previously, it had been tied to the desktop, thus limiting it to the business and enterprise desk user or one on the road with a tablet or laptop. Now, Office Delve can be used on iOS or Android.

Now, with the mobile upgrade, Office Delve timelines and projects can be viewed on Windows Phones, Android phones, and iOS devices. It has be redone to show off single swipes that reflect new interactions, and to showcase the mobile user. The Android and iOS products are available now to download from Microsoft.

Office Delve is a remarkably interesting product for the business. If you run an IT department, try it out and see the improvements made today from Microsoft.

Published: Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 Last Modified: April 15, 2015

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