Office Delve Brings Boards To Business Presentations

Microsoft has been adding new features to Office and Office 365, and business users and students have found them incredibly useful. One of them is Office Delve, and while a strictly business service, its a unique and interesting way to enjoy content. On Wednesday, boards were introduced to it.

Delve is described by Microsoft as a way to discover information and connections from your work life. It has information, connections, and content, and is a unique business social product. As it grows, business customers have been asking for more, and with that got boards as its newest addition.

Microsoft Brings Boards To Office Delve Business Users

What Are Boards?

Microsoft describes boards in Delve, as a way to organize content, so that it becomes easier to share with other friends and colleagues. Users can use boards to share documents and content, and that makes it easier to view it. An example is a project where documents are being viewed by a team at one time.

By keeping all the documents in one central spot, boards allows everyone in the organization to view and contribute to them. Users can also create new boards, but it overall has the permissions model built within it. This means that only certain people can view certain boards, which is a plus for business security.

Microsoft Shows How Easy Boards Are To Create With Office Delve

Collaborate and Share

All users have to do with the new boards, is click + Add to board, and then pick a board from a listing of boards. This will add the content to the existing board, and allows others to view the content posted to the board. This could be documents, pictures, videos, or other items for the team project.

Users can add new boards, share boards, surface content that organizers allow users to see, and much more. The add to board functionality is a big component to the new content curation program that Microsoft is rolling out, and Office 365 is the key part of it. The business customer is key to making Office 365 succeed.

Boards are a great way to share content. Now, business customers can share with ease using boards on Office Delve.

Published: Thursday, January 8th, 2015 Last Modified: January 8, 2015

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