Office Apps Released For iPhone, iPad, and Android Soon

One of the major problems when Microsoft released their Office software for the mobile world, was the need for an Office 365 subscription, and the methods in which they released them. Microsoft took this under advisement, and on Thursday came out with big news. Microsoft released individual apps for all devices and for totally free.

Microsoft on Thursday came out with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps for the iPhone, issued updated to its iPad apps, and announced a new Android tablet preview program. In addition, these apps were released not requiring a subscription to edit documents, which will please many who need them on the go, and don’t want to subscribe to Office 365.

Microsoft Shows Off PowerPoint For iPad Product

New iPhone and iPad Apps

On Thursday, Microsoft released individual Office apps, and released Excel, WOrd, and PowerPoint individual apps. This is perfect for those who just want to use the individual office program, and need it on the go. By releasing them on the iPhone, this means that mobile users can create, edit, and share documents while on the go from anywhere.

The iPad apps also got a refresh, and are meant to equal out to the newly released iPhone apps released on Thursday. Not requiring a subscription to Office 365 for the iPad, means that those with external keyboards can use it like a regular Office program, and work on documents from anywhere on a larger screen. These apps are now in the store.

Microsoft OneNote Updated With Office 365 and Keyboard Support

Android Program and Touch Office

In addition to the iPhone and iPad announcements, Microsoft also announced that a new preview program would be opening in the next week for Android tablet users. Microsoft is giving Android users the Office programs they want, but are taking a few extra weeks to release the product. Microsoft is taking names now, and arranging them by tablet to make sure its done right.

Microsoft lastly announced that a new touch friendly version of Office would be released alongside Windows 10. This has been codenamed Gemini by many Microsoft insiders, and has been long delayed. This touch version of Office will be perfect on touch laptops, tablets, Surface Pro tablets, and other touch enabled devices. This hopefully will be seen soon.

Thursday was big for Office. This is great for mobile users and for Microsoft.

Published: Friday, November 7th, 2014 Last Modified: November 7, 2014

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