Office 365 Users Get 1 TB Of Online Storage

Microsoft announced almost a month ago, that they would be upgrading Office 365 Home or Personal users an upgrade in their OneDrive storage capacities. On Wednesday, Microsoft made flipped the switch and gave users the 1 TB upgrade that they were promised, thrilling many.

This massive upgrade in OneDrive storage for Office 365 users will make a ton of small business and personal users of the service very happy. This is a huge upgrade in service for OneDrive and it gives users a ton of more storage than they previously had using the Office 365 service.

Microsoft Gives Office 365 Users 1 TB OF OneDrive Storage

Big 1 TB Upgrade

With the upgrade of OneDrive storage space from the usual to 1 TB, this means that all users of Office 365 Home or Personal will be able to store a huge amount of service on the OneDrive service. The simple Office 365 Personal user gets 1 TB to use, or Office 365 Home would have up to 5 TB of storage for 5 users.

Microsoft in a statement released on Wednesday, stated that they want to make OneDrive the one place for all stuff that people have in their personal and work lives. Microsoft wanted to be able to give people enough storage in the cloud, and not have them worry about space anymore, and 1 TB is plenty of space to do that.

Microsoft's OneDrive Updated With 1 TB Of Storage For Office 365 Customers

OneDrive Vs Others

Users of OneDrive and Office 365 will wonder how this compares to Google Drive and other services. While this gives access users access to 1 TB of storage, it does require a subscription to Office 365. Google Drive however gives users 25 GB of storage, and allows them to purchase storage of up to 1 TB for only $9.99 per month.

This means that Office 365 will be the best solution for Office users and for those looking to store all their documents and photos in the cloud. It will give them enough storage for almost a lifetime, and give users a huge amount of space to share their memories, papers, and other items from their creations. These changes are live as of today on OneDrive.

Users got a huge victory on Wednesday. 1 TB of storage is huge, and Microsoft hit a home run on this one.

Published: Thursday, July 17th, 2014 Last Modified: April 9, 2015

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