Office 365 Personal Launches As A New Office Product

As Office 365 evolves around the globe, the number of different product offerings from Microsoft left the individual user out of the loop. Lots of choices and confusion led Microsoft to unveil the Office 365 Personal plan, and should suit an individuals Office needs well.

The new Office 365 Personal plan is aimed at the sole user who uses Office, has a few different mobile devices, and needs to use Office. It gives them an option to use Office 365 on a number of platforms, and makes it very affordable, and should result in strong revenues for Microsoft.

Microsoft Introduces Office 365 For Office Users

What’s Included With Office 365 Personal?

The Office 365 Personal plan consists of the Office 365 installation on a single Mac or PC, and one tablet. This will give the average user enough Office uses to help them do personal, college, or professional work, and ten give them the mobile ability to edit on the go. At only $6.99 per month, it is very affordable.

The Office 365 Personal plan is able to be used on smartphones, includes online versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. It also allows for 7 GB of online storage and up to 20 GB of extra storage for 1 user. 60 minutes of Skype for up to 60+ countries is also included in the monthly or yearly price.

Microsoft's Office Becomes Available As Office 365 Personal On Tuesday

Can This Work For Microsoft?

As Microsoft introduced Office 365 to users around the world, it gained a lot of users right away. But, the personal plan was something that was always lacking, and this Office 365 Personal plan can do just it. It competes with Google Docs as a free alternative, but has the Office name that will give it the lead against its competitors.

Microsoft has wanted to make Office a subscription product for a long time, and this latest release is the best example of it. Most users who use Office can afford a $6.99 per month bill, and it gives them continual updates, the full Office suite of products, and the Microsoft name. It also gives them the ability to use it on their laptop/computer or tablet as well. This could turn into a very valuable product for Microsoft in the future.

I use Office daily, and this product could be a winner. It’s affordable, cross platform, and available now from Microsoft.

Published: Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 Last Modified: April 16, 2014

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