Office 365 Gets Groups Plus Azure Price Drops

Office 365 and Microsoft Azure are two of the most popular business and enterprise tools currently available from Microsoft, and are getting tons of signups per day. On Thursday, Microsoft announced updates to both, bringing groups to Office 365 plus price cuts to Azure services.

By bringing the groups features to Office 365, Microsoft will be able to expand its use, and get more enterprise customers using the platform. That, with lower Azure prices means that more enterprise level customers can transition to the cloud cheaper.

Microsoft Introduces Groups Features To Office 365 Users

Groups In Office 365

The groups feature of Office 365 is done as the first phase of upgrades to Office 365. It was introduced at the SharePoint conference, and means that groups can collaborate on Office 365 easier. Now, groups can share similar tools, software sets, and set up and maintain projects easier in Office 365.

Within the groups feature, groups can connect with other colleagues, customers, and applications. Outlook, Lync, and Yammer are completely supported off the go, and this means that enterprise and business customers will be moving to this right away. It’s been rolled out in phases, and most enterprise customers should start to see it soon.

Microsoft Lowers The Prices Of Microsoft Azure Services

Azure Gets Price Cuts

On Thursday, Azure services also got a price cut, and with it, Microsoft realized that the ecomics on moving to the cloud also dictate business decisions. Microsoft moved two different services which will get the price cut. They must be purchased directly through the Azure site, and enterprise agreements mean lower prices as well.

A few of the different Azure services getting the price cut include ExpressRoute NSP 1Gbps and BizTalk Servies Standard. They got rather steep price cuts, and this means that lots of current customers will save, and new enterprise customers can join in to Azure. There is a large list of the overall price cuts for Azure within the Microsoft Azure pages, and services from Cache, CDN, and other Azure services got a lot cheaper.

Microsoft needs to compete, and lowering Azure prices is one way to do it. That, with new Office 365 Groups features mean that enterprise customers will keep on loving Microsoft.

Published: Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 Last Modified: September 30, 2014

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