Office 365 Gets Bug Bounty Program

Computer and software companies are always looking to protect users, and keep any hackers or security exploits from attacking their software. Bug Bounty programs have existed, but Microsoft is expanding one of them, with the launch of the Office 365 Bug Bounty Program, announced on Wednesday.

Companies like Google and Facebook have publicly asked hackers and computing experts to find holes in their software, and if deemed right, pay them handsomely for it. Microsoft has done this prior, and are now launching a brand new program around it, promoting Office 365 and its security behind it.

Microsoft's Travis Rhodes Announces Bug Bounty Program For Office 365

Bug Bounty Prggram Details

In a blog post on the Office Blogs on Wednesday, Travis Rhodes, a senior security lead for Office 365 announced the program. Labeled the Microsoft Online Services Bug Bounty Program, it is a program that will reward and recognize seucrity researchers when they report it to Microsoft.

In the post, Microsoft defends the practices of the bug bounty program by stating that security vulnerabilities are taken very seriously at Microsoft, and are working harder to improve it within the company. But, customers have been asking for a Bug Bounty program, and Microsoft finally gave into their demands, and their customers who want to remain safe as well.

Microsoft's Bug Bounty Program Meets Security Fans With Bug Bounty Program

Why Would Microsoft Do This?

The security blogs and message boards took Microsoft to battle on the launch of this program. Microsoft has often been behind in security holes and fixes, and this new Bug Bounty program is the new way they want to change things. Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, is mobile and laptop forcused, and can deliver a great secure product with Office 365 if secure.

It also might scare away some users with thoughts of security problems, but Office 365 remains one of the most secure platforms, and has the Microsoft engineers and programmers to thank for that. It’s a way to keep Office 365 nd other Microsoft products safe, but keep hackers 10 steps or so to the new voyage. Office 365 for the most part has been very secure, and this bug bounty program is the first of many Microsoft efforts that we will see in the future to reach out to the community as a whole.

I like these types of bug bounty programs. It catches what engineers work on, and brings together a better Office 365 product from Microsoft.

Published: Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 Last Modified: September 30, 2014

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