Office 365 Gets Auto Expanding and Scalable Archives

For any email user or professional, emails don’t simply go away, they only grow in size. With email attachments growing in size, plus email sizes growing as well, the amount of space taken up by email is growing by the Terabyte. Microsoft is helping those users, and especially with Office 365 email.

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced that their enterprise level Office 365 email services will give larger email users a higly scalable archiving system. With millions of Office 365 archives floating around and in use, terabytes of Office 365 email can be easily managed with this update.

Microsoft Gives Office 365 Enterprise Users Better Archiving Options

Archiving Update

Users had been using the import service feature, and have been importing terabytes of data from their on-site email systems to Office 365. But, larger organizations obviously have bigger needs than just a few terabytes at times, and Microsoft is helping them out. With this, they can deliver automatic archiving.

The service is called auto-expanding and highly scalable archiving. It creates a bottomless pit of emails that can be archived, and doesn’t require calls to Microsoft to setup. Microsoft has updated their backend services to accomodate this, and removed limits on the recoverable items store as well.

Microsoft's Office 365 Is Full Tool Of Programs For Business Users

How To Get It

The auto-expanding and highly scalable archiving are live now, but mainly for enterprise level Office 365 users on the E3 and E4 plans. Most individual users use the unlimited space on Office 365, and have other options available as well. Enterprise users though have limits and now can manage those limits.

The limitless archiving system will please many IT professionals, and give email administrators an additional tool to help them manage a organizations email needs. This will allow offsite backup to be done via the cloud, and lets them set schedules for backup and administering their systems.

This archiving is great for businesses. It’s another reason to use Office 365 in the business and enterprise world.

Published: Thursday, June 4th, 2015 Last Modified: June 4, 2015

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