Office 365 Expands To Japan and Datacenters

It’s not a surprise that Office 365 has become a hit, but what is surprising is the worldwide effect that it has become. Countries want to host it and its data locally, and Microsoft is listening to their demands. On Tuesday, Japan got that request, and is launching Office 365 locally for users.

One of the main reasons why businesses and companies want to host Office 365 in their country, is to keep the data there, and outside of prying eyes of other nations. By hosting Office 365 in datacenters in their borders, companies to be assured that their data won’t be roaming international boarders.

Microsoft Expands Office 365 To Japan and Datacenters There

Office 365 In Japan

Now, Microsoft is offering Office 365 services from local datacenters from within Japan. This will be highly important to financial companies, healthcare companies, and governmental organizations that need the data to be kept in Japan. This means more security, and means that Japan can get more Office 365.

This also means that Microsoft can give businesses and governmental organizations local people who can answer questions on its services for them. Local insight and personalized compliance questions can be key when launching Office 365, and this is a huge plus for Japan. A number of companies have already taken this on.

Microsoft Gives Local Japanese Businesses Office 365

Office 365 Plus Dynamics CRM Online In Japan

What this move shows is that Microsoft is very serious about the Japanese marketplace, and is eagerly looking to expand on its products there, and within its borders for companies. Microsoft is launching its Dynamics CRM product as well in Japan, and this means that companies can host their data in Japan without concern.

Increased reliability and redundancy is important for companies, and Office 365 in Japan and its datacenters can give that to them. It will give companies and governments local data, and will mean that sensitive data will be kept there and not anywhere else. Office 365 is expanding quickly, and now Japan will be the next stop.

This is big for Japan and Office 365. Local businesses should now flock to it as others have around the world.

Published: Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 Last Modified: December 17, 2014

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