Office 365: Best-Selling Office Edition Hits 1 Million Subscribers

Microsoft, in a blog post on Wednesday, announced that the Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium product has been one of the best selling office editions yet, and continues to build momentum as the cloud platform continues to grow.

Microsoft on Wednesday announced that its Office 365 Home Premium has hit the 1 million subscriber mark and it puts that on pace with other services like Instagram, Hulu Plus, Spotify, Dropbox, Facebook, and many other.

Core Users Help Office 365 Excel

Microsoft Office 365 Soars

In its blog post on Wednesday, Microsoft explicitly stated that its members and its core ingredients and features has what has made Office 365 Home Premium such a hit among users. They stated that the users are big fans of its full Office features and that it is always up-to-date, and with its pricing makes it a great value for families and users.

Entrepreneurs and Families Soar With Office 365

Entrepeneurs were also noted in the Microsoft Office blog post as the reason Home Premium 365 is continuing to sell at record numbers for the company. The ability to use it on multiple PC’s, the ability to use it on multiple platforms, and being able to use it anywhere was cited as a key selling point of Home Premium 365. Business owners also are finding Home Premium 365 and other versions of Office 365 amazing products as they don’t have to purchase bulky licenses for the program and can roll them out easily to additional employees and users within their companies.

The Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium at $99.99 per year gives users up to five computers the ability to install the software versus the previous Office versions limitations. The software as a service, or SAAS, is one of the products and editions that Microsoft intends to make more prevalent as Microsoft continues to roll out additional products and features on its line of cloud products.

Officials at Microsoft though have not announced the number of non cloud based Office 365 versions they have sold, and investors and tech users are waiting for Microsoft to possibly announce those numbers in their next earnings call for analysts. Whatever the numbers, Office 365 Home Premium has proven to be a huge success for Microsoft and has shown that the demand for a cloud based Office along with the ability to download the full program is larger than ever. This definitely isn’t the Office 95 version anymore.

Published: Friday, May 31st, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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