Office 365 and Microsoft Edge Receiving Windows 10 Updates

Both Office 365 and Microsoft’s Edge browser are definitely some of the more interesting features and uses within Windows 10 for sure. January 2017 marked new updates for Office 365, and a new Creators Update will make Microsoft Edge more useful.

The office subscription service known as Office 365 has gotten very successful on Windows 10, as it gets better every month. Microsoft is making new additions & features available, and making its Edge browser more tantilizing as well.

Office 365 Getting New Janury 2017 Updates For Windows 10

January 2017 Office Updates

With the January 2017 Insiders Update, which is available to Office Insiders, Microsoft is bring four new features to users. Microsoft is making real time collaborations available to OneDrive users, and letting them manipulate objects with the Surface Pen.

Secondly, Microsoft is making available the Visio Add-in for Database Modeling. This will let users reserse engineer an existing database, create new ones and more. Also, new education templates and diagrams are being made available.

Edge Browser Getting Creators Update In April 2017

Edge Improving With Creators Update

Microsoft also has recently released a new YouTube video showing off the new features coming to its Microsoft Edge browser. One thing that is coming to the browser are ebooks, and its support for them could possibly bring a bookstore to the Windows Store.

Microsoft is also bringing out new tab organization features, Microsoft Wallet integration, 3D support, extensions, and a whole lot more. All of these features are supposed to arrive with the Creators Update, which is scheuled for April 2017.

Office 365 & Edge are looking much better for users everywhere. New Office 365 updates are soon available, and Edge for April.

Published: Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 Last Modified: February 1, 2017

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