Office 2016 Preview Gets Updated For Users

The final release of Office 2016 is still sometime away, but Microsoft issued a open invitiation to those interested in beta testing the newest Office tools. The Windows Preview has gotten over a million customers trying it out, and on Thursday, got updates from Microsoft for Office 2016.

With over a million people trying out the latest Office 2016 on Windows Preview, Microsoft is getting a ton of user feedback, and getting the information they need to make it a better product. The latest updates to the product show that, and launched four major updates for it.

Microsoft Issues Updates To Office 2016 On Windows Preview

Real-Time Presence In Word

The biggest update that users will notice in the Office 2016 on Windows Preview, it the roll out of the collaborative experience in Word. This will allow multiple people to work on the same Word document, and see where in a document the teammate or business colleague were editing. This is a huge update.

This real-time collaboration tool is first being launched for OneDrive for Business subscribers, and will be available to the wide masses who are trying the Office 2016 on Windows Preview. It’s a major update, and one that Microsoft wants business users to experiment with first, and then to individuals.

Microsoft Updates Office 2016 With Four Major Updates

Other Updates

Simplifying the process of sharing files got updated as well, and now users can make those files available to review, comment and edit. Users can now click the share on the ribbon, and save the file to the cloud, and make it easy to share with others. This is perfect for social and business sharing.

Insights for Office has been launched in Word and Outlook as well. These bits of contextual information are great for documents and finding places and people, all without leaving the Word or Outlook window. Lastly, different versions of files are viewable once shared on SharePoint or OneDrive for Business.

Office 2016 Preview got a nice update on Thursday. You can still try it out, but joining the beta today.

Published: Friday, June 5th, 2015 Last Modified: June 5, 2015

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