Office 2016 Gives Users New Sharing Tools

The Office 2016 productivity suite has emerged in the past week or so, and the main idea behind it, is the collaboration and sharing tools. On Wednesday, Microsoft highlighted the new sharing features in Office 2016, and should allow users to be more productive with it.

Sharing within any organization helps users get projects done quicker, easier, and gives them ways to think beyond the normal. With Office 2016, co-authors can join a project, add to an existing project, and give users a number of new ways to think about the project in use.

Microsoft Shows Off Sharing Tools In Office 2016

Inviting and Sharing

With Office 2016, OneDrive is a very important component of the sharing process. Users are encouraged to save to OneDrive, and then click the Share button in the upper right of the screen. Users can be given various levels of access, and this can be at any level.

To start sharing, users will need to save the document or project to OneDrive, press the share button, and then save to cloud. The share button will allow the users to get users into the document, to view the document, or to access it from their level.

Microsoft Lets Users Share Permissions Of Docs With Sharing Features In Office 2016

Sharing Links and More

Users are then able to share a link with others in the group, and users can share it on social networks. It can be public or private, just depending on the IT admin’s choices for the organization. Users can also keep track on who accessed their files as well.

Lastly, users are able to change permissions on who can access the document on the fly. By going into the sharing pane, and right clicking on the list of collaborators, users can be added, viewed, or edited on the fly. This can helpful with a small or large project.

Office 2016 and sharing is pretty slick. It’s a new thing, so try it out today.

Published: Sunday, October 11th, 2015 Last Modified: October 11, 2015

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