Office 15 For Windows 8 Won’t Have Full Metro Support

Microsoft Office 2010 Logo_thumb.jpg 1Rumor has it that Office 15 for Windows 8 will not be fully native Metro appa but more of Desktop apps that will be considered legacy code from Windows 8 onwards.

Office 15 Will Have Desktop Apps On Windows 8

According to the rumors that have been going around, Office 15 for Windows 8 is going to be a collection of mostly Desktop apps like normal and not very Windows 8 Metro like. The interface will be tweaked instead to make it more touch friendly for Windows 8 users, which will consist of a radial menu system for easier navigation through touch. But the program will not be made using the WinRT model that Metro apps for Windows 8 will be following.

The new interface will be cleaner, with more whitespace, fewer lines and a flatter appearance — all cues of modern UI design and are geared towards making it sit will with the rest of the OS and to focus more on the content. Underneath it all however, it will be a regular Windows program instead of being rewritten from scratch for Windows 8.

Another claim made by the rumor, as reported by The Verge, is that the ARM version of Office 15 (code name) will also run on desktop albeit a more restricted desktop environment for better power efficiency.

There are several reasons why Microsoft is doing this but the most probable is the lack of development time. Rewriting the whole Office suite from scratch is a Herculean task and it would not have been ready for a scheduled release. The company’s Design lead, Steve Kaneko, is very optimistic about the current version and said that people will really like what the Office 15 has to offer.

But all is not Dekstop. There will be at least two apps within the new Office that will be running on WinRT — OneNote and Lync are both being developed in the new model and will possibly be offered through the Windows Store. These are simpler apps to reproduce under WinRT, which is why these were the first to have been ported. Besides, they are already on iOS for the iPad. So developing a touch version for Windows 8 must not have been all that difficult.

Published: Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 Last Modified: February 2, 2012

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