Office 15 – 2013 Release Date? Internet Explorer 10, Office Roadmaps Reveal Details

Microsoft Office 2013 Release Date

Office 15 isn’t coming this year in 2012, and Internet Explorer 10 could be heading for that mid-year release.

Looking forward to Office 2013? Well, you’re going to be waiting a little while longer

Only yesterday we speculate on the release dates of the Windows 8 Release Candidate and Internet Explorer 10 general availability, reporting that IE 10 could land during the middle of the year. Well, according to a leaked document, that’s going to happen.

Maarten Visser, CEO of Meetro, posted the screenshots and claimed he found them on the Microsoft Partner Network. He said no log-in was required. The roadmap has been marked confidential by Microsoft, and ZDNet confirmed it was legitimate, so we’ll run through the the key information.

The Windows roadmap only goes up the Consumer Preview, which was released on February 29. The only other piece of information is the beginning of the process of killing off Windows XP, which we have also reported about this week.

Internet Explorer 10, though, looks close to release. While the preview for the browser hasn’t been updated since 2011, the image showing the phrase “historical cadence” by the mid-2012 placement of the browser. So while there is no official confirmation of the browser, it certainly seems Microsoft are hinting at a mid-2012 release.

Office 15 Still Has No Release Date

For Office 15, there’s no specific date. The images do show a period in 2013 though, which would line up from our previous reports which have said the package will launch at the end of 2012/beginning of 2013.

Windows Phone 7 is pretty vague regarding future updates, include Tango. There’s simply a square marking a 2012 period as “future investments,” so we’re guessing this means future updates. This could be Tango, or Apollo – version eight of Windows Phone 7 (I know, that’s confusing, but perhaps Microsoft will change the title to Windows Phone 8).

Lync Server 15 is missing from the roadmap, which shows Lync Online only. That is being updated quarterly. There’s some speculation that Microsoft might be taking the service cloud-only, but ZDNet says it has heard there will be a physical product that will lag behind in its release date.

Microsoft have since issued a statement saying roadmaps are often publicly available to provide “forward-looking information” to partners and consumers. The company said the roadmaps are “best estimates.”

Published: Friday, April 13th, 2012 Last Modified: April 13, 2012

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