October Brings 3 Gmaes For Gold Surprises

For Xbox One and Xbox 360 console owners, part of the joy of olding the systems is the Games for Gold program. It gives gamers free games every month, and gives them great games for just the price of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. It’s a great deal, and October’s latest announcements will easily make Xbox fans a lot happier.

Microsoft on Friday, announced a total of 3 new games to the October release schedule for its Games With Gold program. It competes with Sony’s program for Playstation 4 owners, but is giving Microsoft’s console owners a great selection of games for no charge, when they subscribe to Xbox Live Gold.

Microsoft Highlights Chariot As XBox One Free Game With Gold

Chariot For Xbox One

With the Xbox One gaining momemtum around the world, and the next generation console just gaining enterance in China, the need for new games is giving gamers reasons to love the console. During the month of October, Microsoft announced that they will be giving away copies of Charior for Games With Gold users, and this $15 game has gotten a lot of attention from gamers already.

Chariot is one of the [email protected] games, that highlights the Xbox One developer program and strategy. Its meant to be played alone or a friend, an features 25 different levels of underground fun. It features ghosts, fun adventures, lots of entertainment, and excellent graphics. This free game is a must download, and has already been given high marks from Xbox games already.

Microsoft Gives Battlefield II: Bad Company 2 In October

Two Games For XBox 360 Users

Xbox 360 users on the other hand will be getting two free games, and these games are exciting and big name titles of the past. First up is Battlefield: Bad Company 2. This will be available from October 1 to October 15, and is part of the Battlefield line of games. It features explosions, dozens of maps, fiery explosions, and the best of graphics from the Battlefield line of games that have sold in the millions.

The second half of October will feature the game Darksiders II, and this is all about visual gaming at its finest. It has top notch game design, has stunning voice effects, and one of the most stunning storylines seen in a game. Its sold in the millions as well, and is a huge game to be given away in October.

October makes a great month for free games. Microsoft is giving them away, so join Games With Gold if you haven’t.

Published: Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 Last Modified: October 1, 2014

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