Number Of Windows 8 Editions: Less Is More

New Windows 8 Logo_thumb.jpg 1Looks like Microsoft might be cutting back on the number of Windows 8 versions/editions.

Windows 8 To Have Fewer Editions/Versions

According to some files that were discovered by ZDNet’s Stephen Chapman, Microsoft has decided it will have only 3 main versions of Windows 8 and each version will come in 32bit and 64bit. So a total of six available versions will be available when Windows 8 launches. That is a lot better than having to deal with versions like ‘Starter Edition’ that is universally disliked by Windows 7 users because it doesn’t even allow personalization changes like changing desktop wallpaper.

The new versions, as revealed by the file, are as follows: –

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8 Enterprise
  • Windows 8 Professional

— And two versions of each for 32bit and 64bit makes six. The first version that says ‘Windows 8’ without any qualifiers is likely to be for home users or individual users who need just the basics. The Enterprise version is sure to have enterprise level security and other features that appeal to business owners. The ‘Professional’ variant seems to be either the new ‘Ultimate’ version that simply has everything that Windows 8 has to offer or just one step above the basic version. Rather, will have to offer when it comes out. The launch is expected to happen sometime towards the end of this year, hopefully before the holiday season hits.

One word of caution is that these names are unofficial and might as well be placeholders for the actual names that Microsoft will choose to market. But this new move to cut down on the versions (and hence the confusion) is something that has been on the demands list for many years. For years businesses and users alike have been confused about what they should be getting and this will hopefully end all that.

Windows Consumer Preview is coming on Wednesday, so you can start holding your breath now. There’s a flood of new features coming your way.

Published: Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 Last Modified: February 29, 2012

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