Now Skype Users Can Sign Up With Microsoft Account

The migration of Skype into the Microsoft ecosystem has taken some time, and users have had to migrate their user names from both platforms in order to use the service. On Wednesday, new Skype users were finally able to signup for the service using only their Microsoft account.

By letting new users sign up with only their Microsoft or Facebook account, Skype is creating less barriers to entry for users to try their service. It also integrates easier with the Skype service, and gives users less things to remember when wanting to use Skype.

Microsoft Makes Skype Signups Easier With Just A Microsoft Account Needed

Advantages Of Microsoft Account Sign-In

Some of the various advantages of signing up with a Microsoft Account to use Skype were outlined in the Skype blog which noted the change. The ability to have a single Microsoft account to use Skype and remember is the main reason. Additionally, enhanced password recovery experiences and optional two-step verification is available.

By giving users the ability to use their Microsoft account to sign up for new Skype service, Microsoft will also gain a number of new Microsoft account signups as well. Microsoft makes their account the main one for all their services from Office 365, Xbox Live, Office Online, and all other Microsoft accounts.

Microsoft Uses Their Microsoft Account As Tool For New Skype Signups

Keeping Skype and Microsoft Account Secure

An inherent disadvantage of linking accounts could be the security risks of this, as if one account is compromised, then the other would be as well. By using Microsoft’s two-step authentication tool for example, users can minimize any security concerns, and makes sure that the one account is secure for all the services.

Microsoft has made Skype a vital part of the Microsoft experience, and the latest news about today’s new user signup is another example of this. Skype is used by people around the globe, and now getting them to signup for the service is easier than ever. Now, with just a Microsoft account, users can try out Skype, communicate with friends and family, and experience the global service for free. Skype is a great tool that I use often, and now it’s easier to signup than ever.

I enjoy this type of easy news. Signups should be this easy, and now they are.

Published: Thursday, February 27th, 2014 Last Modified: February 27, 2014

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