Now OneNote On Windows 10 Gets More Secure

The OneNote for sure is one of Microsoft’s most widely used apps, and the ability to use it on almost any device makes it amazing. But, over the weekend, Insiders on the Fast Ring saw a lot of new OneNote improvements which makes it more secure.

With the more secure improvements to OneNote, it should vastly improve what users are able to do with the program. Making it more secure, and the other overall improvements should help users use it more, and expand the Windows 10 growth.

OneNote Shows With New Updates To Windows 10 App Coming Soon

Password Protect & Page Creation Tools

The biggest improvement that users should see in OneNote as it moves from the Fast Ring to the general availabilit, is the ability to password protect notebook sections. Users can also change passwords and unlock protected sessions.

Secondly, users can create a new page below the highlighted page by selecting the command in the context menu. This is a huge improvement, as users had to add a new page only via the bottom of the page list in previous versions.

OneNote Central Tweet Shows OneNote New Features Coming Soon

Other OneNote Improvements

Other improvements in the OneNote program include eight bullet styles versus one prior, praragragh handles, drag & drop notebook list reordering, section group renaming, and new ways to save images from OneNote from the menu.

Lastly, users should start to see new ways to insert shapes via the Insert tab while holding shift, and that should create a perfect shape. New Table features for hide borders and head row areas are being launched for users as well.

OneNote for Windows 10 is a great app, and it keeps on getting better. The new improvements are for the Fast Ring now, but its coming for all soon.

Published: Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 Last Modified: February 7, 2017

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