Now Java and Oracle Databases Can Co-Exist in Azure and Windows Server

As expected, and as announced here last week, Microsoft and Oracle made a huge announcement that will certainly keep Database administrators and cloud professionals very happy. The togetherness of Oracle and Microsoft is a historical moment in the evolution of the cloud for large businesses.

On Monday, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Oracle’s CEO met in a press conference to detail the joint project between the two companies. The goal is to bring a number of Oracle products to Windows Server and the Azure cloud platform.


Three Oracle Products Available on Windows Azure

The big news announced in the press conference was that three products by Oracle are now available to be used on Windows Azure. Those include Java, Oracle Database, and Oracle Weblogic Server. These three huge products can be used starting today on Windows Azure.

Windows Server Hyper-V Included

Database managers can now run Oracle software on the Windows Server Hyper-V hardware platforms on Windows Azure. This should give Oracle customers a large server platform in the cloud with robust speeds that they can now use to run their databases. Included with this is the ability to transfer licenses between the two platforms.

New Partnership For Enterprise Cloud Computing

In the announcement, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella and Oracle’s Mark Hurd made statements as to the future of the collaboration. They stated that the partnership will help customers and enterprise customers embrace he cloud and give it the first-class support that they need on an enterprise level. Now, Oracle customs will have multiple deployment methods for their products, from a private, public, or hybrid cloud.

This is a huge announcement between Microsoft and Oracle, and paves the way to continued success in the cloud. This is exactly what Windows Azure has needed, and gives Oracle customers a large robust cloud ecosystem to run their database queries and more on, in the cloud. They could run these on Amazon’s AWS system, but this partnership gives Microsoft and Oracle customers a long standing partnership that will continue to grow throughout the years, and sustain the cloud platform for the long haul. This joint announcement gives a ton of security and stability to the future of Azure and the cloud.

Published: Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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