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On Monday, Microsoft unveiled the new addition of Skype into the preview. This addition will make it much easier for users who use to dial and message their favorite contacts

The addition of Skype to is available to a number of countries off the beginning and will add more in the upcoming months. With a simple plugin for the browser, users are able to use Skype from within their browser and use Skype within

Microsoft Rolls Out Skype Integration With

Initially available in 6 countries

The Skype and integration is initially available in six countries. Those countries are the US, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK. This rollout of Skype and is aimed at the primary markets that and Skype are focused upon, and will gain the most user traffic in the initial tests.

Near future for other countries

In a statement on the Outlook Blog, Microsoft stated that worldwide access for will be available for more countries in the near future. As Skype is a platform that is available for users already around the world, the ability to integrate it into the rest of the world’s servers, shouldn’t take long.

Interesting statistics relating Email

As the rollout of Skype and was announced by Microsoft on Monday, Microsoft also detailed additional details relating to speaking live and face-to-face communications. The Ipsos Public Affairs poll as announced by Microsoft in its post, showed that 76% of people say that email communications usually lead to a phone call. So, with that the Skype integration into makes perfect sense for the company, as users will be able to do that in one spot.

This is huge news for and Skype, and should make users in the six target countries very happy. It will also help rollout to more and more users who don’t currently use the services as well. The simple way of just answering an email and then dialing up your contact via Skype is now a super easy and functional thing to do, and Microsoft with Skype is the perfect business communications tool for users at anytime.

Published: Monday, August 26th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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