Now Get Secure Searches On Bing To Safely Search The Web

Users who use Bing for their web searches and queries will now find Bing offering users secure searches with their search traffic. Microsoft’s search engine Bing has enabled secure encrypted SSL search on Bing starting on Wednesday, and is a welcome site to users.

Users who visit the Bing site will find their search results encrypted, and not in the open as it has been on the site. By encrypting the search traffic, Microsoft is rolling out these changes and making secure that users stay safe, and are free to search Bing securely.

Microsoft's Bing Rolls Out Secure SSL Encrypted Searches

Why Safe With SSL On Bing?

Bing is the latest search engine to incorporate SSL or secure search technology in its search results. By doing so, the encrypted search will not be in the open, and the traffic remains secure 100% of the time. Microsoft gives users the ability to turn this on and off in their user control panel, and it should be turned on as many recommend.

The rollout of encrypted search is important, as Google has done this as of late also. Users are crying for more secure Internet transactions, and don’t want their search results out in the open. I think this is great of Bing to do this, and gives Microsoft another reason to attract users when searching on Bing.

Bing Now Features Padlocked Secure Web Searches Starting Today

Microsoft Hurts Webmasters With Upgrade

With the upgrade to secure searching using SSL, Microsoft has taken another stance with webmasters, and that isn’t a good one. Webmasters usually can login to the Webmaster Tools and see keyword data for their sites, but with encrypted searches these types of data won’t be available. Microsoft might roll out additional tools to webmasters in the future.

Webmasters need to know where their web traffic comes from, and encrypting search data is great for users but bad for webmasters. It will be a mixture of good and bad, but a medium should be reached soon to please both. I think webmasters will embrace secure searches on Bing, and the initial frustration will go away as it continues to build for users around the web.

The Internet needs safety and secure searches and Bing has done that finally. They have followed Google’s steps, and now Bing is more secure than ever.

Published: Thursday, January 16th, 2014 Last Modified: January 16, 2014

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