Now Download Netflix Videos With Updated Windows 10 App

Netflix has easily been one of the most downloaded apps on the Windows 10 store, and its popularity has only gotten bigger by the years. It has introduced the ability to download movies & shows, and now has made it possible on its Windows 10 apps.

The latest updates to the Netflix Windows 10 apps on the Windows 10 PCs and Mobile devices, matches up with its options for iOS and Android users. This means many shows & movies can be downloaded and watched when offline.

Netflix Update Brings Downloads To Windows 10 Devices

Available For Download

With the newest Netflix updates for Windows 10 users, it means a new section on the app exists, and that is the Available for Download section. This area will be where available titles can be downloaded to your device.

By clicking on the download button, your desktop, tablet, or mobile device can start downloading the Netflix title, and you can watch it when completed. This is perfect for travelling or whenever not online.

Start Downloading Netflix Titles With Windows 10 Updated App

Not All Titles Included

Whie the arrival of the download option is a huge feat for the Netflix app, it does come with some limitations. The movie or TV title must be marked available to download by Netflix, and its content owners.

This means that not all titles will be available to download right away, but Netflix still has a large amount of them to start trying out now. It’s original series are on there along with many popular movies & TV shows.

If you’ve wanted to download Netflix movies or shows, now you can. Update your Netflix app on Windows 10 today.

Published: Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 Last Modified: April 5, 2017

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