Now Download Core Office Apps For Windows 10

Microsoft has often kept its core Windows 10 apps to its own download system, and not led users to a way to download them on their own, except for mobile devices. Now, users with Windows 10 can download them via the Windows Store.

The latest addition by Microsoft makes a big shift for the company, as it allows users to download its major Office apps directly via the store. They are not listed in preview mode anymore, and can be downloaded starting today.

Now Download Office 365 Apps Via The Windows Store

What Apps Are Available?

Starting today, users are able to download Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016, Access 2016, Outlook 2016, and Publisher 2016 Apps via the Windows Store. This is a major shift for the company and makes these apps easier to enjoy for users.

These apps will require the user to have a Office 365 subscription, and that is the major money maker for Microsoft in recent years. The renewing subscriptions keep users using the core apps, but this transition to downloadable apps makes the apps easier to get.

Simple Office App Installation Is Possible With Office Apps Update

Is It For You?

So, you might be wondering if these apps via the Windows Store are for you, and whether it makes sense to download them via the store. From a simplicity and security standpoint, the apps will be frequently updated by Microsoft, and the simpleness of a click download is awesome.

But, if you are a long-term Microsoft and Windows user, the thought of the apps being in the store might be just too easy. Some like the web installs or other installation methods. I’ve downloaded a few via the store, and even as an advanced user found it easy and great.

You can download these Windows 10 Office apps starting today. If you subscribe to Office 365, go grab them if you need them, and be productive.

Published: Sunday, January 28th, 2018 Last Modified: January 28, 2018

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