Notepad Users Rejoice With Notepad 2.0 & NotepadX

Microsoft’s Notepad app that has been built into Windows, is one of the most used apps bundled in Windows. Many use it, but often wonder if better Notepad apps exist. They do, with Notepad 2.0 and NotepadX.

The simple Microsoft Notepad app is used by many, including myself, but I often look for better Notepad apps when writing and jotting down notes. Both these apps offer more features, and give users advanced Notepad features.

Notepad 2.0 Gives Users Advaned & Expert Notepad Features

Inside NotepadX

NotepadX is a free app in the Windows Store, and lets users create text files, open text files, edit them, and share them online. It is Continuum ready, allows for multiple forms of encoding and is a great Notepad addition.

What makes it shine is how you can open it directly from File Explorer, OneDrive or Outlook. It comes without advertising or pop-ups, and gives users a number of common fonts to use when showing their text file.

Users Can Edit & View Text Files With Ease With Notepad 2.0 On Windows 10

Notepad 2.0 Shines Among Notepad Apps

Whereas NotepadX does limited editing and creating, Notepad 2.0 supports PDF, DOC, DOCS, RTF, and TXT files. These are built-in, and allows for almost anytype of text file to be viewed and edited on Windows 10.

You can open docs locally, read them online, view PDFS with a built-in viewer, edit Word files, convert DOC files to PDF, and process books if needed. These added features give this app top reviews as well in the Windows Store from users and fans.

If you use Notepad apps, try either one of these apps out. They make Notepad look good, but show off what Notepad can do and more.

Notepad 2.0


Published: Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 Last Modified: May 10, 2016

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