Nonprofits Get Access To Windows 8.1

On Wednesday, Microsoft made the Windows 8.1 program available to nonprofits around the would via their Microsoft software donation program. The giveaway to eligible nonprofits will make it possible for them to use the most updated operating system on the market, for virtually no cost.

By giving nonprofits the ability to apply for and get Windows 8.1 for their nonprofit organizations, Microsoft is getting in their enterprises for virtually no cost. The gesture has been around since the inception of the company, and now makes Windows 8.1 available to nonprofits everywhere.


How NonProfits Can Apply

In their technet blog post on Wednesday, Microsoft detailed the steps required for nonprofits to apply for and them how to get the software. While the steps are not high in the amount of work needed, they need to make sure that the proper nonprofits apply via their program, and then are able to use it effectively in their nonprofits.

Microsoft stated that nonprofits will need to apply for the Windows 8.1 program for their nonprofit. They can also upgrade their PC’s to Windows 8.1 through the Volume Licensing Service Center or VLSC. Secondly, a webinar will be available on November 14th to highlight the changes of Windows 8.1 to nonprofits, and headed up by Microsoft’s Senior Product Marketing Manager. Lastly, via their nonprofit link, nonprofits can get exposure and software from Microsoft.


Why Microsoft Does This

Many might ask why Microsoft would give away Windows 8.1 to soon to nonprofits, when it has only been around for a month. It is a simple answer, and it gets the program into these companies cheaply, and spreads the word about Windows 8.1 quickly. Any problems can be resolved quickly, they get great publicity for helping nonprofits and do a great job in the community.

The move is a great gesture by the software giant, and makes sure that nonprofits are able to get top notch software for no or little costs. Since nonprofits are organized to have minimal costs to operate, large upgrade costs can eat away at the bottom line, and this will make Windows 8.1 available starting tomorrow to them for free.

I love this move and it makes sense by Microsoft. Nonprofits are great organizations to help, and Microsoft it doing their best to help 24/7 with this program.

Published: Thursday, November 7th, 2013 Last Modified: November 11, 2013

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