Nominate the best Windows 7 themes 2011!

We need your help! We would like to award the best Windows 7 themes 2011. To do that we want you to submit the names of the best custom Windows 7 themes that you can download online. Yes, you can even submit the name of your own theme.

Best Windows 7 Themes 2011

Please understand that right now we are only accepting submissions for custom shell themes. Please do not submit names of themepack themes.

You can submit names of all themes, including your own Windows 7 themes. Even if you haven’t made any themes yet, you can participate. Start here and learn how to make your own custom Windows 7 themes .

We’ll accept nominations for the best Windows 7 themes 2011 for quite a while, so you have some time to make your own themes and nominate them here and we’ll hopefully come up with a very long list of outstanding themes in Q4 2011.

The best Windows 7 themes will be awarded. 1st price is a copy of Ave’s Windows 7 Style Builder, Restorator 2007, WindowBlinds or one of the games we still have from our last giveaway.

If you’re not into making themes, but you like customizing Windows 7, then you should check out the following 198 custom shell themes for Windows 7 and pick the ultimate Windows 7 theme that you think deserves to win a prize.

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Thank you for your submissions!

Published: Thursday, June 30th, 2011 Last Modified: July 1, 2011

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