Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Launch Dates Leaked

A possible release date of the Nokia Windows 8 tablet along with other devices has been leaked.

Nokia Lumia 800 — one of the first two Windows Phone models from Nokia

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet, Tango And Apollo Device 2012 Launch Dates

According to a tipster who sent the information to My Nokia Blog — the Finnish phone-making giant has a lot of plans for the coming year when it comes to device launches. In addition to launching Windows Phone 7 Series Tango phones, it also has plans for launching Windows Phone Apollo devices. Apollo is the version that is expected to be the phone version of Windows 8.

But most importantly, Nokia apparently has plans to also release a Windows 8 Tablet in 2012.

According to the source (who claims to be part of Nokia’s home country outfit in Finland) Nokia is planning to release Windows Phone Tango devices either at CES 2012 in January or WMC 2012 (World Mobile Congress) in February. This will be followed up with Nokia Windows Phone Tango smartphones at the Nokia Connect company conference that is scheduled to take place in June. And on top of all this, Nokia is working very seriously on a Windows 8 tablet at this very moment.

Nokia has so far only acknowledged the possibility of Windows 8 tablet device and said that they would be interested in such a thing. But they have never said anything about working on a device. If this piece of information is true, then those statements can be taken as hints to Nokia’s actual plan. After all, a device making company generally refrains from making vague statements about future devices unless they have a reason to be vague about it. And usually that reason is to hide the existence of the device or the efforts to develop the device. Otherwise it is in the interest of the company to give a straight answer to the world in order to control and shape customer expectations.

Published: Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 Last Modified: December 28, 2011

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