Nokia Windows 7 Super Phone Ace Rumored To Have 4.3” AMOLED And More

A Nokia focused news blog called recently released a string of images and specifications relating to several Windows phones that are allegedly bring prepared for release by Nokia.

Nokia Windows 7 Super Phone

There’s the SeaRay, Sabre and the Ace.

SeaRay, Sabre And Ace Windows 7 Phones Up And Coming From Nokia: Rumors

Nokia world is just about three weeks away and already we are getting a large amount of rumors and leaks about the phones that are going to be there. Nokia has already issued a statement regarding the fact that they are pushing Windows Phones ahead of schedule so that the market is primed and ready when Windows 8 comes in to action.

Since most of it is based on rumors, it is wise to take all of this with a healthy dose of salt. Here’s what the SeaRay specifications looks like: –

  • Clear Black Display CBD
  • CarlZeiss
  • 8MP AF
  • 3.7″ amoled screen
  • 16gb internal storage
  • 1.4gHz processor
  • Mango WP7.5
  • battery 1540mAh

In the meantime, Microsoft has also let some specifications slip for allegedly up coming Sabre: –

  • interchangeable back cover
  • CBD
  • 25gb skydrive
  • 3.7″ LCD
  • 8gb internal storage
  • 5mp AF
  • 1.4gHz processor
  • Windows Phone 7 Series 7.5 (Mango)

The Ace Windows 7 Phone From Nokia

True its name, the rumored Ace seems to be Nokia’s attempt at their very own super phone. Here’s what the specifications chart looks like: –

  • 4.3″ amoled
  • 1800mAh
  • carl zeiss
  • 8mp AF
  • Mango+
  • HSPA+
  • 1.4 gHz processor
  • 16GB internal storage

Other then the distractingly large and bright AMOLED screen, let’s look at the HSPA+ specification. This means something very important for Nokia if it is true — their first 4G LTE phone. And apparently it is true and it is coming to AT&T in the US in the first quarter of 2012. Now since all the phones talked about here are supposed to be coming out during Nokia World later this month, it is quite plausible that the phones will be available with carriers as early as beginning of next year.

However, do remember that these are all high-end phones and there’s no showing so far of what Nokia will do for their entry level phones that do so well in Asia — their largest market. It is possible that Symbian will still rule the roost there.

Published: Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 Last Modified: April 2, 2012

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