Nokia Takes Curtain Off Windows 8 Plans, Plans To Make Multiple Form Factors

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Concept
Nokia has just announced its plans for making a Windows 8 tablet and finally made it is official after months of rumormongering about the device.

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Is Now Official

Nokia has finally made their Windows 8 tablet plans official. Rumors of the existence of such a tablet deep inside Nokia labs has been going around ever since last year when the Finnish phone giant launched the Lumia series. But this is the first direct official announcement for the device. Nokia has only hinted at its existence prior to this.

This information was revealed during an interview conducted by Financial Times with Nokia chairman Jorma Ollila who said it would be an important step for the company to release a tablet at this point. He believes it will make a big difference to the company.
According to him, Nokia is looking in to tablets in various form factors. That includes a hybrid form factor as well. That could mean something like the Galaxy Note or the Transformer Prime. No one quite knows it for sure. But either would be quite good coming from Nokia.

Ollila did not mention Windows 8 by name (but come on, what else would they use at this point) and kept saying that they have not announced anything specifically about tablets. But then he said that customers have their own set expectations at this point and they want uniformity. This uniformity will be across multiple devices such as their tablet, smartphone, PC and automobile. He even mentioned gaming platform in that list. Now let’s see, what current platform is working on tying all of that in. Oh, we know, Microsoft’s Windows 8!

PC, smartphones, tablets, Xbox gaming consoles and even automobiles (the work has already begun at Microsoft) — Windows 8 has all of that. It would still not have been official though, had Ollila not said the following immediately after: –
“We are very interested in the Metro user interface and Metro is clearly the big bet for Microsoft… But again, no specific announcements … but something we are interested in.”

So there you have it, multiple Windows 8 tablets coming from Nokia.

Published: Friday, May 4th, 2012 Last Modified: May 4, 2012

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