Nokia Purchase Delayed Until April By Asian Regulators

As many thought that the Nokia purchase by Microsoft would go through without any problems, in Asia it has hit a snag. News came out on Monday, that Asian regulators will be taking a little longer to review the purchase, and may take until April to finally give their approval.

As Microsoft comes near the end of this monumental purchase of Nokia’s Devices and Services division, worldwide approval by the US and EU regulators came without any problems. The latest snag appears to be a minor one, but one that has caused some to worry.

Microsoft's Brad Smith Issues Statement On Asian Regulator Delay In Nokia Purchase

Microsoft’s Statement On The Delay

On it’s official Microsoft Blog on Monday, Microsoft issued a statement from Brad Smith, who is General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Legal and Corporate Affairs with the company. His statement tells about the approvals in over 15 markets and five continents, but is still waiting on the final markets.

By highlighting the number of approvals that this deal has gotten, Microsoft is shifting the balance in its favor, and getting public and analysts sentiments on its side. They state that they are expecting to close this in April 2014. This should bring together the two major companies into a major powerhouse.

Microsoft's Purchase Of Nokia Highlights A Mobile Thinking Plan For The Company With Nokia

Mobile First and Cloud First

In the rest of the statement, Microsoft stated that the Nokia purchase will accelerate its mobile-first and cloud-first imperatives, and it clearly does that. Microsoft states that they are looking forward to accelerating innovation and market adoption, and bringing Microsoft services on Nokia mobile phones to the next billion people.

This is a very forward thinking comment considering the current marketshare of Windows Phones in the marketplace, but having Nokia in its side will definitely accelerate the growth of Windows Phones. Microsoft needs this deal in Asia to close quickly to help get Windows Phone 8.1 off the ground later this year, and final approval should come around the time of Build, where Microsoft will be highlighting Windows 8.1, a preview of Windows 9, and other future Microsoft operating systems. This should get the fall of 2014 to be an exciting time for sure.

This is a small hurdle, and many expect Asia to approve the merger. Microsoft should get the green light, but it didn’t need any slowness on this matter.

Published: Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 Last Modified: March 25, 2014

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