Nokia Purchase About Interest In Android?

Interesting rumors and questions came out on Friday, surrounding the Microsoft purchase of Nokia in the past couple of weeks. As it turns out, Nokia was testing an Android on Lumia

The report by the New York Times on Friday, told about how Nokia was testing Android on their Lumia units for a while and well before the final purchase. The goal in doing this was to ensure that a phone partnership continued for Nokia but might have sealed the deal.


A What If In Case Microsoft Deal Ended

One of the main reasons that Nokia was testing Android on their Lumia units was in case the Microsoft partnership ended in 2014. By doing this, Nokia was making sure that their phone line would continue, albeit with a different operating system. This move obviously would have expedited the sale to Microsoft, and to make sure that the Lumia phones would bear the Windows Phone system for many years to come.

Was Microsoft Scared Of Nokia?

Many can question whether Microsoft was scared of Nokia and their testing of Android by Nokia. Microsoft earns a small royalty on every Android phone sold, but having their main partner use it as their main operating system would have been terrible. Microsoft probably got rumors of this and moved quickly to seal the deal with the Finnish company.

No Comment From Microsoft or Nokia

As many would expect, neither company had a comment on this story. Neither would, as the sale is pending and pending regulatory approval in multiple countries. Whether or not, Microsoft wants to include Android on any of their phones in the future is unknown, but probably unlikely.

What this story does show, is Microsoft’s worrying about the expansion of the Android operating system. By having their main partner move to Android, the future of Windows Phone would be in trouble, and force Microsoft to forge new partnerships with other companies. Most likely, the future of an Android based Lumia will never happen with the sale of Nokia to Microsoft, but it leaves many with questions on the future of the companies. It should be interesting times ahead for these two.

Published: Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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