Nokia Partners With ST-Ericsson To Produce Cheaper Windows 8 Phones

Nokia and ST-Ericsson have announced their tie up where the phone-maker would be using the Swiss companies mobile chips to create cheap Windows 8 phones.

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Nokia Ties Up With ST-Ericsson For Making Affordable Windows 8 Phones

ST-Ericsson has now become a chip supplier to global mobile handset giant Nokia. The Swiss company makes (amongst others) a chip called the NovaThor. According to the information released by either companies, it is pretty clear that Nokia intends to use this chip for the Windows 8 phones that it is no doubt already working on.

Current Windows Phone devices use the extremely high-end SnapDragon chip from Qualcomm. It provides really good processing speed but is also very expensive. With NovaThor, what Nokia is planning is what the mobile-maker has always been good at — make lots of cheap midrange Windows 8 phones.

Novathor is a platform that will allow Nokia to create really cheap midrange options for the Windows 8 platform. Previously, devices from the same segment drove Nokia’s global market share to the pinnacle thanks to the huge Asian markets that loved Nokia. Now however, it is losing that market share with every passing day to Android players like Samsung.

Now that Nokia has fully shifted to Windows Phone from Symbian, it clearly intends to follow the same path that has led it to success in the past. So what does it mean for the average consumer like you and me?

The latest Windows Phone 7 devices from Nokia were the Lumia 800 and 710. The 710 is the cheapest at ~$371. But that is still too high for the price range that Nokia enjoys a huge share in. They are looking at bringing the costs down to as close to $200 as possible.

But that means compromise on performance usually, right? Well, not so much because the NovaThor chip also has dual core options.

Once they achieve this, it will also help Microsoft to penetrate the Asian markets where previously Symbian and now Android (slowly) is ruling the roost. That would be the additional benefit of having a lot of cheap, midrange devices increasing the Windows 8 user numbers.

Published: Friday, November 4th, 2011 Last Modified: November 4, 2011

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