Nokia Might Debut A Windows Phone 8 Device On September 7

Nokia might launch the first ever Windows 8 device at their Final flagship store on September 7 The Nokia World event this year has been officially split in to several small events over a period of one to two months and part of it seems to be a surprise event on September 7 that might see the unveiling of the first Windows Phone 8 device.

Windows Phone 8 Device Coming From Nokia?

The new format of the Nokia World event will happen on the 5-6 September but Nokia has so far been tight lipped about what to expect from the event. But that has not stopped the tipsters. The Nokia dedicated blog MyNokiaBlog has been tipped off for a possible launch event at the Nokia flagship store in Helsinki, Finland. It would be fitting for Nokia to unveil their latest and greatest at their home base.

There’s a banner at the store that says “Something amazing is coming” with the date given as September 7 — one day after the initial 5-6 September Nokia World event is over. The banner doesn’t really let on to much but there’s an image of a device that is clearly a Windows Phone with a barcode on its display. We have not received any intel on whether the barcode actually says something. But most of the Internet is taking this as a clear sign that Nokia is going to unveil the first ever Windows Phone 8 device on September 7 at the Flagship store.

Since it is well ahead of the scheduled Windows 8 launch, there’s no doubt that the phone will be just for previewing. It might even be the reference device that developers are often give to create apps for the platform before the actual official release. We have not seen any such device yet from Microsoft but that’s probably because the 18 hardware partners who are working with Microsoft already have internal access. The ones who don’t have this access are general developers who would be making the actual apps. So it remains to be seen how Microsoft bridges the gap. Or perhaps the current Windows 8 apps will be available directly on the Windows Phone 8 devices as well.

Published: Thursday, July 26th, 2012 Last Modified: July 26, 2012

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