Nokia Exec Confirms Nokia’s Windows 8 Tablet, June 2012 Release Date

A Nokia executive in France let slip that Nokia is working on a Windows 8 tablet which is scheduled for mid 2012.

Nokia Working On Windows 8 Tablet

Nokia France Head Confirms Existence Of Nokia Windows 8 Tablet

During an interview with a French newspaper, a French Nokia executive clearly said that the company would have a tablet running Windows 8 by summer 2012. The company spokesperson immediately negated the claim and said that the company has not made any announcements regarding the matter. Many now take it for granted that Nokia has a tablet coming.

The Nokia employee did not say much else about the tablet. So, everything else is now down to speculation. The fact that Nokia is working on a Windows 8 tablet was first suspected quite some time back when Nokia’s top officials said that they were looking in to the matter.

Windows 8 Is Coming – Summer 2012?

This along with vague launch announcements from other companies seems to be pointing at an early 2012 Windows 8 release. So far, we assumed the new Windows 8 OS would be released commercially during the second half of 2012. However, constant talks of Windows 8 product previews scheduled for the first quarter of 2012 might be a hint at an early release date.

It is clear the Microsoft still has not decided on a specific date, or else the product launch announcements would not have been so vague.

Published: Friday, November 18th, 2011 Last Modified: November 18, 2011

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