Nokia Developing 3D Phone, Perhaps For Microsoft?

A newly uncovered patent application seems to point at the fact that Nokia is working on a 3D phone (no you won’t need any 3D glases for it).

This, combined with the fact that Nokia announced its switch to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 at MWC earlier this year, seems to hint at the fact that Microsoft wants a piece of the 3D pie too.

Microsoft Looking At Nintendo 3DS Type Device?

If the patent is any pointer, it is possible that Microsoft is looking at developing a device that is very similar to the Nintendo 3DS handheld 3D gaming device released late last year. With a folding form factor and dual screen configuration, Nintendo’s is definitely the first comparable device that comes to mind.

But it is going to be better if what the patent says is true.

Autostereoscopic Rendering And Display Apparatus

That’s what the patent calls this new technology. What it essentially does is track the users eyeballs and adjusts the rendered image accordingly. This in turns allows the image to look more realistic and also means that the user does not have to stare fixatedly at one point on the screen. It essentially solves the zombifying effect of glasses-free 3D technology that is available today.

Two Screens, Twice The Fun?

It sure seems like it. Unlike the 3DS, both screens will be used for rendering the image. The upper screen will have the primary image and the lower screen will be used more like a lower part of the scene where there will be shadows, etc. of the object in the upper screen.

More Than A Patent?

Well, no one can tell for sure yet. Companies will often patent ideas just to protect them. Whether or not they release it is completely dependent on how viable it is in reality. So it is possible that Nokia just sits on it till they can actually make it happen.

While associations with Microsoft have not been mentioned anywhere in relation to this project, it is quite possible that the platform they will be working will be Windows Phone and nothing else.

Published: Sunday, May 15th, 2011 Last Modified: May 15, 2011

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