Nokia CEO Thinks Microsoft’s Own “Surface” Windows Phone Could Work

Surface Phone Thumb Rumors of Microsoft releasing a first-party Windows “Surface” Phone recently surfaced, raising questions over Nokia’s position in the Windows Phone market.

Nokia’s Chief Executive Officer Stephen Elop said to investors he isn’t against the idea of a Microsoft smartphone.

Nokia doesn’t mind smartphone competition from Microsoft, ensuring the rumors are true

Elop described such a phone as a stimulant for the smartphone market. Elop added Nokia is encouraging of companies like HTC, Samsung, or Microsoft making investments into the market and pushing it forward.

Surface Phone

However, Elop recognizes new devices are competition regardless of how Microsoft spins releases. HTC’s 8X and 8S devices include Windows Phone in the name, giving the impressions the products are the flagship Windows Phones. Nokia seemed to be the flagship Windows Phone manufacturer giving its near first-party relationship with Microsoft.

Nokia’s boss added he is proud of the differentiation it is bringing to Windows Phone. Presumably talking about Nokia Lumia 920 and 820, Elop thinks replication or reinvention isn’t easy. When HTC unveiled the aforementioned devices Nokia quickly went to Twitter to criticize the company, saying innovation can’t be copied<h2

Surface phone seemingly plan B for Microsoft; release would seem premature currently

Whether Microsoft would release a Surface Windows Phone while the operating system is growing is uncertain. A suggestion is the phone would be a last resort effort to stimulate excitement for Windows Phone. Though, shouldn’t Microsoft be proactive rather than reactive? Shouldn’t it release a first-party phone while Windows Phone 8 is new and unproven?

Devices are important for Microsoft though developers are arguably more important. Microsoft is seeing approximately 100 apps submitted per day compared to 600 on iOS and 700 on Android, therefore the success of Windows 8 and Windows PHone working together will determine whether Microsoft succeeds.

Windows Phone 8 launches October 29. With Windows Phone 7 Microsoft announced with a range of devices on show; perhaps it will do the same with Windows Phone 8.

Published: Saturday, October 20th, 2012 Last Modified: October 20, 2012

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