Nokia 1 Windows 8 Tablet Concept Design Created By Fan

There’s a concept design of a Nokia Windows 8 tablet doing its rounds on the Internet, check it out after the break

Nokia 1 Windows 8 Tablet Fan Art

Nokia 1: A Sleek, Unofficial Windows 8 Tablet Concept For Nokia

Despite recent leaks suggesting Nokia is actually working on a Windows 8 tablet right now, there has been no substantial evidence pointing at that fact. Last week there was a rumor going around that claimed to have stemmed from Nokia’s facility in home country Finland where the phone making giant is apparently already hard at work on a Windows 8 tablet. It is still however every plausible and everyone is expecting Nokia to announce something during either CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2012 in January or at MWC (Mobile World Conference) 2012 in February.

Hence, it is no surprise that people are already dreaming about a wonderful new Nokia Windows 8 tablet. One of those people happens to be an artist from DeviantArt called YrOnimus, who just couldn’t wait to see the expected Nokia tablet and hence decided to create his own renders.
Based on the designs of the Lumia series of Windows Phone devices from Nokia, the rendered image shows of very sleek looking tablets that are colorful, thin and with rounded edges.
The artist has even added some specifications — 187×8.5mm, 580g, pixels, 11.6” AMOLED, 32-64GB storage, 5mp back camera and 2mp front, 1080p @30FPS and Windows 8 for ARM of course. As a designer would love to have — he has even included an active digitizer from Wacom in to the imagined specs.

nokia windows 8 tablet concept
There’s no doubt that most of it is quite possible and if Nokia is working on a tablet, they have to match to up most of these expectations from the market. Hence, it is possible that we will see something similar from the actual Nokia tablet if the company decides to make one.

Published: Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 Last Modified: January 3, 2012

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