No Plans For Halo 4 Beta – Game To Be Released In Late 2012

Halo 4 Details Beta
343 says no beta planned for Halo 4, will be ‘natural evolution’ of previous titles

Approx. Release Date: Late 2012

Halo Waypoint bulletin shares range of details on Halo 4, including no beta

In the weekly Halo Waypoint bulletin, fans were asked to send question on Twitter about the next Halo, and Frank O’Connor – Franchise Development Direct for the franchise -answered the questions as honestly as he could at this moment in time.

1. Step What do the media mean when they say “perks”? When answering this question, Frank O’Connor said that the media were associating the word “perks” with Call of Duty’s. While O’Connor didn’t reveal any specifics, but did say they wouldn’t be “mirror images of the stuff they’re being compared to.”

2. Step Can you elaborate on the armour customization? Previously 343 had suggested that players could go beyond aesthetic customization, with Halo 4 introducing elements “of your ability and performance as a Spartan IV” that players will have some control over. However, O’Connor was keen to stress that players will not be able to significantly swing the odds in their favour. For example, players won’t be able to spawn with power weapons.

3. Step Will there be a public beta? The Halo franchise has a tradition of public betas in recent times, but 343 said “splitting resources to manage and build a beta is not on our schedule.”

4. StepWill Armor Abilites and/or equipment return? There has been a sizeable amount of complaints towards Halo: Reach’s lack of balance when it comes to armour abilities and how they performed, and regarding if those mechanics would return 343 said that “Halo 4 … will be a logical evolution, but based on … successes and less-than-successes” in previous titles.

5. Step Has the health system changed in Halo 4? Simply, “Health has been changed. There are no health pickups.”

6. Step Was a new Slayer variant shown off in the Vidoc, or was that a custom game? O’Connor said that the footage shown off in the Vidoc reveal this month was a mashup of ideas being tested, but said that “the traditional 0-50 method of yore” has gone.

7. Step Does the BR have spread? Is it hitscan? “The BR is a three-shot weapon. It is hitscan.”

Halo 4 will release this year.

Published: Saturday, March 10th, 2012 Last Modified: March 10, 2012

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