Nintendo’s Wii U Conference: Price, Launch Date, Matchmaking


Nintendo Conference Nintendo’s conference will shake up the industry quite a bit .. and for the sake of Nintendo it better would be a success or the company will get intro trouble real soon.

If you’re excited about Wii then you’re probably going to be excited for Nintendo’s conference this Thursday in New York

First up, the price and launch date

Announcing a price straight away would be the best move Nintendo could make. It will instantly build anticipation when we know when we can see a visible release for the console. Then Nintendo can follow with the video game and service like Miiverse. The mistake Nintendo made at E3 2012 was focusing too long on ports of 2011 games (Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition) and not enough on unique titles (Project P-100). It also won’t have to worry about cramming in information about the Nintendo 3DS this time, either.

It’s not a-Mario time

I don’t want to see New Super Mario Bros. U. That’s because New Super Mario Bros. 2 is boring: it does not build on the legacy Super Mario Bros. 3 created, despite a French ad for the game claiming it did (below). New Super Mario Bros. U is offering HD Mario for the first time, Dolphin aside. The rumored The Legend of Zelda title would be a very interesting reveal, on the other hand.

Getting Back To Basics

And by extension Nintendo needs to show off games exclusive to the platform. Mass Effect 3 Wii U isn’t going to appeal to almost every gamer because it’s been played online and off.

Competitive matchmaking

I want to play Mario Karti Wii U, or whatever it’s going to be called, with voice chat and matchmaking to view profile and all the rest of that good stuff Xbox Live and PSN offers. As we enter the ninth generation it’s paramount Nintendo nails this feature because Xbox Durango and PlayStation Orbis will expect this to work forever from day one. And forever until the next next-generation consoles. Nintendo can market Wii U’s GamePad all day long, but it needs fundamental basics if it wants to attract to the hardcore audience.

The event kicks off September 13 so all will be revealed this week following which we undoubtedly drool over the next Legend of Zelda in glorious high definition.

Published: Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 Last Modified: September 11, 2012

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