Nintendo Told They Can’t Stop Their Consoles Being Hacked

Nintendo have been told by the court of law that they cannot prevent the tampering of their consoles. What does this mean for gamers?

European Courts Makes Nintendo Hardware Ruling

A ruling by a European court has told Nintendo that they can’t stop people from altering their consoles to play games from other platforms.


It is no secret that Nintendo are already having some difficulties keeping up with their competitors and this latest move backs them into another corner. How did this all get started?

PC Box and Nintendo

In a nutshell, PC Box, an Italian company, produces components for the Nintendo Wii that allow owners of the console to play games from any region.

The court ruled that Nintendo would only have an argument if their copyrighted material was being reproduced without their authority, stolen or sold illegally.

This is big news for consumers – finally you can legally play games on other platforms. This hardware can also be used for less than ethical means such as playing illegal “back ups”.

What This Means For Nintendo

This type of hardware tampering is nothing new of course.


When the PSX first came out, chips were developed soon after to allow copied games to be played on the console. Although this is highly illegal, PC Box argued that when you buy a game, you should be able to play it on whatever console you like.

Nintendo is going to have to simply accept and embrace these new changes. They are already under an enormous amount of pressure from shareholders to release their own first party characters on other channels such as Apple and Android. This latest ruling is set to cause more problems for top level management going forward if not dealt with correctly.


Published: Monday, January 27th, 2014 Last Modified: January 27, 2014

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