Nintendo: Friend Codes Will Be Less Annoying, Achievements Are In Wii U

Wii U Will Have Achievements

Reggie Fils-Aime offers more clarification on the Wii U’s online capabilities.

The Wii U will support achievements and a revised version of friends codes, so why wasn’t it announced in the conference?

Nintendo continue to frustrate, because it has revealed new information on its online system that wasn’t announced at the E3 conference. Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed achievements are in, friend codes have been made less annoying and the Wii U GamePad may offer more than 3-5 hours of battery life.

On battery, Fils-Aime said Nintendo is incredibly conservative on its estimates and called out the 3DS battery life number as being very different at launch compared to what was said. There were concerns over the 3DS offering just 4 hours of battery life, a figure exacerbated by the 3D capabilities. It’s why I can’t justify buying a 3DS in its current form.

The ability to play games on the GamePad away from the TV isn’t compulsory – it’s a choice made by developers. Called Off-Play TV, Fils-Aime didn’t confirm whether the feature is only when wired to the TV or what the maximum distance from the TV to the GamePad can be. It will be advertised on Wii U boxes.

Human Interaction in Moderation

Fils-Aime was also asked about the moderation process in Miiverse (it was revealed every comment will be moderated by real people). Players can choose to not have Miiverse conversations, just with friends or with everyone. Then there is a scan for inappropriate words or phrases, while the third level is the community flagging items and the final level is human review.

Kotaku asked if someone posted for help in a game, and if that would take a while to appear. Fils-Aime simply said it happens, and there is no queue. Humans will step in if inappropriate content is continually being shared, so it seems human reviews won’t happen for every comment and rather continuously flagged content.

On achievements, they’re supported but not required for every game. Specific achievements are down to the developer. I don’t think that’s a negative decision; it’s question of whether the player see achievements as a motivation to play. Friends codes are in, but more simple than the 16-digit code on the Wii and easier to add, Fils-Aime revealed.

Published: Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 Last Modified: June 12, 2012

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